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June 19, 2016

Travel Theme: Stillness

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Even though I have been following Ailsa’s travel themes religiously every week I have not participated in a long time. Many times I started sorting through my pictures and found a few fitting ones but by the time I was done with sorting the week was over and a new theme came out. But this week I am going to make it. To break up all the fishing posts. And because I love piece and quiet around me. And I do not have to go far to find it luckily. Here are my contributions to STILLNESS. Check out Ailsa’s here.

One of my favourite Okanagan Lake pictures. The lake is huge – 100km in length. So to find it completely flat is rare. Nov 2012.

IMG_1906 (Medium)

People always say we don’t have beaches in BC. But that’s only because they don’t want to work getting there. Takes a few hours to make it to the below spot on Brooks Peninsula. Hence we usually have it all to ourselves. Not always though is the open ocean that calm.

Back at "Lone Tree Beach" - after an 6hrs continuous paddle!!!

Winter is a great time for quiet. This shot was taken on our very first ski trip in the winter of 2011 when after a grey day the last rays of the setting sun just started to poke through the cloud cover and created a splash of gold in the otherwise white to back winter scenery.

IMG_1750 (Medium)

Eagles can make same pretty loud screeching sounds. But more often than not they sit in the tree and just watch. Nothing moves except for a blink of an eye every so often.

P1060776 (Medium)

Still shot of a pretty fast motion. This Anna’s hummingbird is just stretching which enabled me to take this picture almost in focus even with my super zoom point and shoot.

P1050684_crop (Medium)



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