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July 21, 2016


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Compared to the rainy Saturday, the Sunday, July 10 was predicted to be sunny. Originally they had called for strong winds and we had planned to meet up with a few paddling friends and do a downwind surfski paddle in Howe Sound. But the evening before the wind prediction didn’t look all that great any longer and we came up with an alternate plan to do a hike. When we got up in the morning there was still not much wind but there were also still clouds in the mountains even though it was sunny over the water. We were humming and hawing all morning long what we should do – paddle downwind with little wind or hike in the mountains with no views. Both sounded equally good. At the end we were running out of time to do the hike we had looked at. The other people were still going for the paddle and we decided to join them. And was that ever worth it. Porteau Cove was flat when we got there – Jeff and I were early and just hung out in the sun and read our books while waiting for the gang to show up. By the time more people arrived the wind had picked up nicely and kicked up some white caps in the Sound. Took another hour or so for everyone to arrive – 16 of us at the end – and to get the car shuttle organized since this was a one way paddle downwind into Squamish, 17km away from Porteau Cove. By the time we finally hit the water the wind had calmed a bit and some clouds had moved in but conditions were still good. Jeff and I were in our double. I am too scared to go out there in my single. We had a LOT of fun, caught some good rides but had to work for it. The group spread out pretty far and we were the first to arrive at Watts Point, about 2/3 along the way. Here we waited for the rest of the group to make sure everyone was save. All was good. The last bit was a bit more tricky with steep waves across beam near the river delta in Squamish due to an outgoing tide and wind out of the southeast rather than the more typical southwest. But I felt totally stable – haven’t felt like that in a long time. It was awesome! Sure the stable double helped but usually I would still be uncomfortable in those conditions. Some of the singles did have trouble and beached some place differently t o get out of the waves. Jeff and I and Ian paddled back out into the chop to make sure they all at least got to shore somewhere. But once we knew they were in save water we paddled back to our final take out – to were the cars were – thinking the rest would just walk back or we would pick them up. It took a while to account for everyone at the end. The other group found a different way back that I ever knew off. But at least we all made it save and sound. Off to the pub! What a fun day! Best downwind experience for me.

There was no time taking pictures riding the waves. Hence there are a lot more people pictures than scenery shots. The rest I leave up to your imagination.



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