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July 23, 2016

CSC Weekend July 16-17

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This past weekend was the Canadian Surfski Championship. 3rd time it was held and about 120 boats raced from Porteau Cove to Squamish. Paddlers from all over the world show up to this event hoping for the afternoon thermals to kick up big waves. World class paddlers such as the Rice brother, Sean and Kenny,  and Mocke brothers, Dawid and Jasper, from South Africa, paddlers from Australia, Tahiti, Spain, Switzerland, etc. One of our Australian buddies from when we went to the World Masters Games in 2009, John and his wive Wendy, also showed up. Very cool to see them again! Jeff and I didn’t race – again, but we volunteered – again. As the last 2 previous years we helped out at the boat staging area. You meet all the paddlers but don’t have the stress of having to race. It’s great. It wasn’t as hot and sunny as last year but no rain or thundershowers as predicted. Wind was rather low that day too although there were some waves to be found. As always, we watch the start of the race sitting in our double at the hot spot buoy to see Sean Rice get there first. We waited till all the paddlers but one went by taking pictures and then followed the racers down the course. We caught up to about half the field finding some bumps to ride even in the double. And as volunteers we were also invited to the post race event to watch the awards and have some beers and great food. A fun day with great people!

The Sunday we went for a hike. Originally we had planned to camp in Squamish to hike up in the Squamish-Whistler area but they had the Pemberton Music Festival going on the same weekend and we predicted traffic will be a mess getting home Sunday early evening. So we decided to do a local hike instead which also allowed me to sleep in  yeah!! It was an overcast but 20C warm day. We hiked up Grouse Mountain to visit the grizzly bears, Coola and Grinder, and continued on to Goat Mountain. The first part of the hike was pretty busy, despite not taking The Grind up but the parallel BCMC trail. I was sweating buckets on the way up even though we hiked through the clouds for most of it. It is a pretty steep hike. The second part, once you are past the top of Grouse with all its tourist attractions that can be reached by Gondola as well as hiking, the crowds thin out pretty quickly. And the sun came out as well while the valleys below were still in clouds! We were both tired and only had energy enough to make it up Goat Mtn rather than the even steeper and longer Crown Mtn hike. Turned out to be a great idea as we had the top of the mountain all to ourselves – other than sharing it with a raven. Great views from up there. And as we were sitting there the clouds started to disappear all around out until we could finally see Vancouver and English Bay way below us. We also saw a lake below us I never noticed or even heard of before. On the way back we tried to find a trail down to it, even extending the hike to go along Thunderbird Ridge, but no such luck. Turns out the lake is called Kennedy Lake and part of the watershed for Grouse – no public access. We were on our feet for almost 7hrs, hiking down Grouse all the way rather than taking the Gondola like most. Pretty tired legs by the end but pretty nice for a local hike. The Guinness and food at the Two Lions Pub was more than welcome.




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