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August 21, 2016

I enjoyed waves in my surfski again!

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Aug 13. I wanted to paddle somewhere different this weekend since we got bounced around in motorboat wash the previous Saturday in Deep Cove. So I suggested to take the surfskis to Harrison Lake since I had never been on it before. It’s a big lake and it can get windy as well but the forecast was for calm and sunshine and hot. The only problem, it’s about a 90min drive east of us. I had slept in for too long and when we finally got going it seemed like all of Vancouver was heading east at the same time. Mass exodus and traffic was crawling all the way into Chilliwack. I got an earful of complaints on the drive. When we finally arrived at Harrison Hot Springs, the small town on the south end of the lake, it was packed with people and cars (not really a surprise) and no parking was to be found. Luckily a colleague of mine had told me about Sasquatch Provincial Park, a few kilometers up the east side of the lake, and there we found plenty of parking and easy access to the water. Score! From here on the trip turned from mild disaster into quite a bit of fun. We paddled up the lake in very calm conditions. Few boat wakes to deal with but nothing too bad. Since we didn’t know the lake very well we ended up paddling into a big bay rather than up the lake. And that’s when the wind came up from the south and kicked up some waves. So we had to paddle back into a headwind. The waves were nothing huge but normally they would have been big enough to bother me in my Legend but I felt good. Even when the waves came a bit more from the side. The only time I got a bit worried was when this big dinner cruise ship went by as we paddled along some steep cliff. That made for some very chaotic and huge rebounding waves. Jeff accelerated to catch the waves. I tried but wasn’t quick enough and got jostled around big time. But I stay up and kept paddling. I actually started to enjoy this. So when we got back to the launch point we decided to continue past it for a bit to take advantage of riding some of those waves back. And was that ever fun. Once you got up on a wave it was easy to link them together and I hardly had to paddle at all. Great fun. Save fun since we were never far from shore. Maybe I need to practice here a bit more. Next time we will paddle south though 🙂

The drive back home wasn’t nearly as bad as the drive out. And we stopped at the Gilnetter  Pub for $10 ribs and beers. Yeah!



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