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September 24, 2016

Fall/Winter Ski Challenge

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… nothing to do with skiing. Although we will be skiing as well. Jeff has been training hard for it all summer :-). But we also set ourselves a long distance paddling goal for this fall/winter. The Round Croker Island Challenge starting at the end of the dock in Deep Cove in our double surfski. Today was baseline setting to see how long it will take without any training. Well, I am sure our 9 day kayak touring trip helped paddling every day for 4-6hrs albeit slow (working on a blog coming soon!).

Today’s time was 2:59:32. Total distance 31.43km. We had to work really hard for the last 30min to stay under 3hrs. Jeff picked up the stroke rate to race pace and I was struggling to keep up. But we made it and pretty happy about it too :-). Sky were overcast with the odd sunny break. Water was mostly calm going up with a bit of an incoming tide pushing us. As we turned around we had some headwind which seemed to slow us down more than I would have expected. Hence the push at the end. We paddled non stop without a break for water or snacks. Body is pretty tired and sore but brain is pretty happy about it nonetheless. The beer and food at the Narrows Pub afterwords was well deserved. Not sure we worked hard enough though to deserve all the chips and chocolates I am eating while I write this :-).




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