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October 1, 2016

Team Sports

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I used to do more team sport when I was young. I played Handball as a teenager and Volleyball throughout University and beyond. Always found it harder to stay in semi-competitive team sports here in Canada. Maybe I didn’t look in the right places. And if I found some, it seemed expensive. And then I fell in love with kayaking….

Anyhow, I never liked soccer – may sound weird being German – nor basketball – I was always kicked out for too much fouls! But then last year the company I work for came up with a 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament and off course I had to sign my team, Carlos and Alex and I, up for it. It was a double elimination tournament, 15 min or 15 points limits and we got eliminated in two games not making it to regulation time ever but at least scoring a total of 8 point in those two games. Well my fellow team members scored, I didn’t. But even though our performance was less than mediocre, we had a lot of fun. We practiced quite a bit beforehand which did help somewhat. Great team building! Teams with a wide variety of skill levels signed up and the games were mostly fun to watch. Some were a bit rough. No skill, no speed, but bulk and height, causing a couple casualties. And of cause the trash talk beforehand was fun. Now you would think the one time would have been enough for me to realize I really should not try to play Basketball but as this year’s tournament was announced again in early August, my team was the first one to sign up :-). It’s the team spirit that counts not the skill level. Mind you Carlos ditched us this year, he wanted to take pictures instead, so that opened up the opportunity to add someone with skill – Michael joint. Our goal for this year’s tourney was to get at least 10 point total in the two games we would be playing and maybe even make it through regulation time once. This year’s games were only 12min – achievable we thought. Unfortunately, our first game was against the biggest, strongest, tallest although not most skilled team and we lost.  We only had speed on our side which was not enough. Program Management (us) against Product Management (our team mates) – a constant fun rivalry off and on the court! But we did not get destroyed. I think we got 8 points in that game and even got our opponents worried for a minute or two which really made me smile. There easily had 200lbs and 5″ on us. And I scored a basket!!! Our 2nd game was a bit more even in regards of size and speed but the other team had more skilled players. And Michael was out for that game – traveling for business – and I had to find a sub. Found us a young, tall, athletic engineer, Logan, that had just started with us a couple months before and he had helped me huge on one of my projects. He also had come out to our early practices a lot so I thought it was more than fair having him as sub. He wasn’t really a regular basketball player but had a lot more skill, height and speed than Alex and I. He scored 10 point for us that game. I shot one more basket (2pts) and Alex scored 3 foul point. You do the math – we WON!!! Nobody was more surprised than us :-). We lost the next game against a very skilled team, last year’s champions. But it was close and a lot of people were cheering for us. Even the other team. These guys were from the shipping team and played the cleanest most fun to watch basketball of all the teams. They could have crushed us but made us feel like were in the game too. Awesome! I was cheering for them for the rest of the tournament but unfortunately they did not win. To my “disappointment”, Product Management won :-).

We’ll be there again next year even though the 3rd picture below shows why I really should not play basketball :-).



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