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October 8, 2016

September EPIC Paddling!

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One might think we had enough of paddling after 9 days in our sea kayaks. Wrong, at least for me. I was back in a boat the Monday after we came back from the trip. Paddled Burnaby Lake with Krista. But instead of taking my tippy K1 I took it easy using the club’s Super Lancer, for all our paddles since then. It just allows me to enjoy paddling more. That Monday evening was an awesome paddle into the sunset.

That same week I took the Alpha engineering team dragon boating on Burnaby Lake. We almost filled the two boats and it was a lot of fun. I was in front of one shouting instructions and Jeff was steering the 2nd one. We raced the two boats a couple times, swapped crews and did it all over again. The 2nd boat felt a whole lot slower and my boss, who was sitting next to me that time, and I both felt we were pulling the boat all by ourselves :-). A much nicer way to spent a working afternoon on a sunny day!!

But neither of the above were anywhere close to epic paddles. That came on my birthday! I had been humming and hawing all summer long about getting a more stable surfski to be able to enjoy rougher water paddles again. Just haven’t been that comfortable in my Think Legend for a couple years now and no matter how hard I try, it does not seem to get better. The question was, which would be the right boat. Something like Jeff’s Evo II – still a fast boat but a bit more stable – or all the way to a real stable boat like the Easy or V8Pro. Earlier in the summer I had tried them all. Think Easy, Epic V8Pro as the real stable ones and Evo II and V10 Sport as the in between ones. All felt much more stable than my Legend but it was also a flat calm day!!! The one though that felt the most comfortable was the V10 Sport. Years ago when Epic first came out with the V10 Sport I could not fit my hip into it. The new version fit like a glove. Even better than the EVO II which I though would have been the boat to get if I wanted medium stability. The V8Pro was a really nice boat too but it didn’t feel quite as comfortable. The Easy was a no go from the start – not good for my sensitive butt/hamstrings at all. But I could not decide if I should go for the V10 Sport or if I really needed the stability of a V8Pro for rough water. And did I really want to own an EPIC? I have been a Think person for so long and really love my Legend and wish I could still paddle it. Also, we are good friends with the owner of Think Kayaks and it felt wrong not to buy a Think boat. Hence, I didn’t get a new boat until, well, Jeff made the decision for me. H bought me a V10 Sport for my birthday! I love him for making the decision for me :-). The funny part, the boat had been in our garage for 3 days before my birthday and I didn’t see it. Not because it was hidden or I don’t go into the garage. I actually get my bike out of it every morning and put it back every night walking right by the boat. But the white boat blended in perfectly with the wall. Mind you it has a pretty obvious red tip on the stern which should have jumped at me every morning and evening. But it didn’t. Jeff didn’t have to get up early those 3 mornings to distract me. I was blind to the unexpected in the garage. Even on my birthday, when we decided we would go for a paddle despite the torrential rain outside I didn’t see it at first. I suggested to take the double as it looked a bit windy outside and I wasn’t sure I could handle my Legend that day. Finally Jeff pointed to the white wall and asked: “Why not take that one!!!!” I finally saw it – no idea how I could have missed it the 3 days before :-). It was an EPIC paddle! But it was still a pretty calm day. We saw a couple Native Indian canoes past the powerhouse and chased them down which added a couple kilometers to our usual Indian Arm Powerhouse loop.

Took the new boat out again on the Tuesday evening the same week walking it down to the Fraser River from our place. The tug boat traffic had scared the living hell out of me recently in my Legend so I wanted to put the V10 Sport to the test. There was quite abit of tug boat traffic even in our little side channel but no huge waves. I felt good. The last tug though produced a big whirlpool in the middle of the river and we both decided it would be much wiser to wait that one out :-). The Fraser paddles are usually not the most scenic, although we have seen beavers, seals and bold eagle before, but that evening the setting sun was lighting up some spectacular cloud formations.

The last weekend paddle in September was again in the double – see previous post here.


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