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October 8, 2016

Bring on the waves

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I tried my new boat, the V10 Sport, in waves for the first time and the verdict is – it rocks!!! As in rock solid. Another windy wavy day today in Deep Cove. Not quite as bad as last weekend but enough that it would have scared the hell out of me in my Legend. But today, despite the wind and waves and rain, I felt good. We paddled up the west side of the Arm to Best Point into a stronger and stronger headwind. Quite a bit more power boat traffic than I would have thought possible for a rainy day. So lots of rebounding waves as well.We crossed over to the old powerhouse in a really nice tailwind. We were doing over 12km/hr the whole way without pushing it at all. It was slow along the east side for some reason. The tailwind turned to a headwind in sections. Weird! After Twin we decided to cross straight over into Deep Cove to maximize the wind coming from our back. It was still only 3/4 behind us. The waves weren’t going all that fast but with a bit of work one could connect them together. It was hard work but it also was FUN!! Me having that much fun in a single surfski in waves hasn’t happened in a long time. I almost felt like I am in my sea kayak. It was awesome!!! Why did I not bury my ego earlier and got a stable boat some years ago!

And since it was a rainy day today I spent the rest of the day blogging. At least I am caught up with Sep/Oct. Still missing some important spring entries. Maybe tomorrow…although they promised sun shine.


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