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October 16, 2016

Stupid Head

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Not my best ever Thanksgiving long weekend, Oct 9-10. A bad migraine tried to kill me, or so it seemed. Woke up with a headache on Sunday morning 5AM. This was supposed to be my first time out for Coho fishing this fall and I had really been looking forward to it. Jeff had already been a few times during the week and brought back dinner. Weather was supposed to be much nicer than the day before. And it was! It actually got quite warm and sunny in the afternoon. We hit all the usual places but could not touch anything. Spent a lot more time walking than fishing, or sitting on the bank with my eyes closed – trying to wish the headache away. Mind you, I did fish a bit and my casting was actually pretty decent despite not having done it for almost a year. I tried hard to not let the headache ruin the day. Somewhat successful. It was so nice out. We had an early dinner at the Gillnetter Pub – $10 ribs were good as always. But as the evening went on, the head got worse and I spent all evening curled up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.

Usually these headaches only last 24hrs so I expected to be in much better shape the holiday Monday. I slept okay but when we got up my head was still groggy. It was another nice day though and I sure did not want to spend all of it indoors. We took the double surfski out into English Bay. The ocean was almost flat but I still felt like I am getting seasick. We did a long paddle, all the way around English Bay: Locarno – Downtown – Stanley Park – Ambleside – Lighthouse Park – Red Bell Can off Point Grey. My head felt horrible and I felt sick most of the time. But I hung in there. As a reward we got to see some porpoises hunting during the crossing from Lighthouse Park to the red bell can. So cool to see them in English Bay. First time for us. They didn’t stick around us for long so I didn’t manage to get a picture. Heading back towards Locarno beach, there was some small westerly swell and Jeff was giving it a push. I was ready to throw up by the time we got back to Locarno beach.

Barely made the drive home. Curled up on the sofa underneath my blanket for the rest of the day avoiding any light. No food was going down my throat other than ultra strength pain killers. Can’t remember ever being this miserable from a migrane. I hate being sick!

It was gone the next morning at last just in time for another work week, sigh!


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