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October 16, 2016

The storms I missed

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Forecast for this weekend was just wicked with high winds and tons of rain, remnants of former Super Typhoon Songda!!! Well, it was windy and it rained but nothing close to what the forecast sounded like. Apparently it missed Vancouver due to a 30km diviation from its calculated track. This was the 3rd storm in a row since Thursday with high winds and quite a bit of rain. I missed most of it. Still was able to ride my bike to and from work every day. Just got wet. The winds either hit at night or during the day while I was at work. No power outages at home or at work either. But there was quite a bit of damage during the 2nd storm on Friday all over the lower mainland. In the News

So at the end it was a relatively normal weekend for Jeff and I. We paddled Saturday morning ahead of the big storm. The wind was not supposed to kick in till late afternoon. Mind you it was windy and hard work to paddle up Indian Arm to the powerhouse but less so than a couple weeks ago in the double. Nevertheless, good confidence builder for me in my new surfski. I felt pretty good in bumpy conditions yet again! And we saw a mink along the north side of the arm. It rained pretty hard though at times. Even went for a walk during the “height” of the storm. No big deal.

Sunday was another fishing day. It was wet in the morning but almost stopped mid day, except for a few drizzles here and there. Even got into my first Coho of the season, while Jeff got into 5 :-). All those were caught in the morning. We tried some other places in the afternoon but ended up with more walking again than fishing. Still, it was a great day in the valley. Fresh snow on the mountains, bright red blueberry bushes, yellow birch trees, brilliant green grass, silver rivers and skies! Fall colours at their best!



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