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November 13, 2016

Should have been skiing

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The last few years this was our first ski weekend of the season. Remembrance Day long weekend. But it has been so warm in November that whatever snow ever was in the mountain, here or the Okanagan, has been almost rained away. I think we were close to breaking the old record of 18.4C in Vancouver on Nov 8th. It was so warm even early in the morning and at night.

We saw the first hummingbird today at our feeder at the house – yeah!!! I hope he’ll be back many more times :-). Love these guys. No picture yet….the below is Old Fencefull who finally has return to his perch on the fence.


Anyhow, no snow meant no traveling this weekend and time to do more paddling. Went out twice, Fri and Sun. The forecast for both those days was wet, wet, wet. Well, Friday turned out to be a pretty dry day. It was overcast all day but we did not get wet on our paddle out in English Bay. Well, not from rain that is. There was a bit of a north wind in the forecast so we headed across from Jericho to Passage Island at the entrance of Howe Sound, hoping to get a nice push back. When we left the beach there were whitecaps out that way and we had a bumpy crossing to the north shore at least for the first bit. Half way across it calmed down quite a bit. No more whitecaps as far as we could see. We stuck to the plan though and the wind picked up a bit again coming out of Howe Sound. Hence we got a bit of a ride but not nearly as much as I needed. Was very tired by the time we got back to the beach 3hrs later. The wavy stuff takes a lot more out of me. But it was a nice paddle and I love my stable boat. I would have been so scared in my Legend.

Saturday was a rest day. A real rest day that is. It was supposed to rain a lot and it did in the morning. All we did was go for a walk along the river – in the rain. The sun came out in the afternoon but I was too lazy to get my butt out again. Haven’t had a day of doing nothing in a long, long time. Mind you, I did clean out my clothes shelves. Just too much stuff in there that I don’t ever wear anymore.

Sunday was another 3hr paddle day heading out of Deep Cove. I woke up stiff and sore from doing nothing the day before :-). Luckily it loosened up as soon as we started the paddle. It did start out with no rain but we did get rained on for most of it. Steady paddle up the Arm. Lots of seals hanging out around twin. But nothing else moved on this wet day except, surprisingly, a lot of big yachts were out cruising up and down Indian Arm. Jeff had the silly idea to do a workout on the way back. So after 2hrs of steady paddling I did a 10 x 1′ on 2′ piece, the most I had in me, while Jeff did 3 or 4 x 10min. Show off :-).

It is getting colder though. Only 10C today compared to 14C on Friday. By next week temperatures are supposed to drop below 10C. Hopefully that means snow in the mountains somewhere, even though I will curse it on my bike.


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