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November 19, 2016

Meet Chatter

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FINALLY!!! We have seen hummingbirds along the river a lot but never near our house. After I got a hummingbird feeder for Christmas last year I tried this summer to attract them but no such luck. Getting tired of refreshing the sugar solution every few days I had taken it back down again. About a week and a bit ago Jeff saw one checking out the last flower left on our hanging basket. And last weekend we saw a couple chase each other through our now leave-less tree. Right away I put out the feeder. Nothing Monday but on Tuesday morning, at first light, there he was. An Anna’s hummingbird was at the feeder. Yeah!!! But I had to go to work. Around mid day I got an email from Jeff confirming he saw the hummingbird as well. He was sitting in our tree and chirping away – hence the name Chatter, short for Chatter Box. He now does this every day. Comes at first light and disappears around four in the afternoon. Not sure why I adore these little creatures so much but I do. And they are so much fun to observe, I think. On Wednesday morning, I got in trouble when I changed out the sugar solution. There was a lot of buzzing around the now empty string where the feeder lives. As soon as the feeder was back, the hummer was at it. When I left the house that same day he came right up to me to say “Thank you” – or at least that’s how I interpret it :-). And he is not alone. There is a smaller female around as well but we only see her at the feeder for brief moments. She never hangs around. And Chatter doesn’t always let her use the feeder either. Oh well, all couples fight once in a while :-). Below are the first pictures – most were taken by Jeff since he is home during the day. This AM I took a little video to capture him chattering away in the tree but he did not make a sound after waking us up with his chirping at 7:15AM. I am sure I’ll get him one of these days. Anyhow, I posted the video below – it’s a bit long but as I said, I love watching these guys. How they puff themselves up to stay warm, how they can never sit still, how the colour changes as they move their heads….

Watch Chatter do his thing – quietly


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