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December 3, 2016

Last Weekend: Chatter, Rain and Snow

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We finally did get to go skiing last weekend for the first time this season. There had been a big dump of snow the last week in November and Whistler as well as Manning were open, although only limited trails were groomed.

On Saturday, we did our 3hr paddle in the pouring rain. It wasn’t just a paddle. Jeff made me do a workout with him, 3 x 10min on 10min. I was killing myself just to stay on his wash. It might have been a bit easier if we would have done the workout at the start of the 3hr paddle rather than the end. Oh well, I was happy I could hang on. Unlucky for me though, I blew up my left forearm that day. It was pretty sore all night long and the next day. Not really ideal for the first ski.

On Sunday, we went to Manning since they had told Jeff that the upper trails were snowmobile groomed and in good condition. Skiing at half price. Okay I thought, for half price I can stay on Strawberry flats and do some skiing without poles. The weather in Manning was much improved over the Vancouver rain. Mostly overcast with the odd sun ray poking through and dry. There was indeed quite a bit of snow but the grooming was pretty much non-exiting. Not packed down at all and very uneven. The tracks were from skiers that started before us – we didn’t get there till after 11AM. And since they didn’t look like ski trail, people had hiked on the trails as well leaving big holes. Very tricky to ski on without poles! But I could not use my left arm. I wobbled around the flats for 2hrs45min. Very slow – Jeff passed me each lap. And my legs still got tired! Jeff was furious as he wanted to do some speed double poling workout. The poles were sinking into the deep snow and threatening to snap at any moment. John G came with us as well and even he wasn’t impressed. Manning for sure could have done better with the snow they had but it was early season after all. Hence the pub wasn’t open yet either :-). So we had dinner in Hope instead. To top it all off, the drive home was horrible as well -heavy rains from Chilliwack to Vancouver and lots of traffic. Not how I envisioned our fist skiing of the year. I think we will head to Whistler this weekend.



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