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December 9, 2016

Winter Week

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Now all sudden it got cold in Vancouver and we got snowed on TWICE. Not all that common for us Vancouverites. Woke up to 5cm of snow on Monday and it was still snowing. My hummingbird feeder was covered in snow. So I quickly cut up some cardboard to build a little roof for it. Kinda worked :-). Traffic was a mess but I got through fine on my mountain bike. Snow was quite wet and partially melted. It snowed most of the day – large beautiful flakes. At home, my makeshift roof looked pretty soggy but whatever snow hit the feeder melted away. So I was sure Chatter still got his fill that day. Monday night it got cold, like -5C cold and the wet snow froze to solid ice. Tuesday morning, I only made it 10m down our drive way before I crashed the bike – gently! Neither I or the bike got hurt, I saw that coming. So Jeff and I drove into work that day – first time this year not biking to work. A wise decision. Tuesday was a nice sunny day but not warm enough to melt much of the ice. But the next morning I was back on my bike, so was Jeff. It was icy on the bike trails but the roads were fine. Most of my commute is along the road and just a 1.5km section on solid ice. That was interesting. Jeff takes the river trail which was much worse – frozen bike ruts and footprints – but then there are no cars to deal with. We both made it there and back without problems. Wednesday was another sunny, cold day – of which I didn’t see much. Hate the short days during winter. Thursday morning I saw Chatter and rode my bike in watching the sun rise. Conditions were was just about the same as the previous day. The forecast was for snow to start up again in the afternoon. Never did. But I build a new styrofoam roof for the hummingbird feeder that night. Waking up today there was just a thin layer of fresh snow hiding all the icy spots. So Jeff decided to not brave the trail but take the car. Didn’t take much to convince we to go with him (getting old I guess). The roads were totally fine. But around mid morning the snow started. And by 2PM people started mass exiting the building. By 3:30PM the road outside our work were completely plugged up with cars. Accident on the main intersection to get out. Jeff had to work till 4:30PM. We killed some more time in the gym to see if the traffic would ease up but no such luck. So we decided to just leave the car behind and walk home. It was beautiful out. Dark but the snow had stopped and it was just below freezing. Everything was covered in fresh fluffy snow along the river trail. Only experienced the odd slip and slides on the icy ruts underneath the fresh snow. I really enjoyed the hour and 10min walk home.

My styrofoam roof on the hummingbird feeder didn’t work quite as well or more snow was sticking to it today. But Chatter had poked a hole through to get his dinner. Hopefully I’ll see him tomorrow. Need to come up with a heater for the feeder so i don’t have to get up at 7AM on the weekend to put it back out. It’s too cold to leave it out over night.

As I write this it is still snowing – at least 10cm of snow fell so far. And we are at sea level! Maybe we can ski the river trail tomorrow!?


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