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February 12, 2017

Achieved my 2 goals

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Another loppet weekend, this time at Stake Lake, hosted by the Overlander Nordic club. They were trying a new race course this year. An 18km lap mostly along the trails Jeff and I really like. One could do one lap or two. This is a freestyle loppet and most people skate it since it is faster. My skating is in even worse shape than my classic skiing. Hence I only signed up for the half distance, not wanting the volunteers to have to stick around for an additional hour :-). And it was the right call. The course was in great conditions. The only unknown portion of it was also the hardest part with a big climb and a steep downhill. But I was able to pass some people, did not finish last, and I was not lapped by the 36km racers. Goals accomplished. On top of that, I came in first in my age class beating the only other person in my age class doing the 18. I think she classic-ed the course as well. There were 6 of us who did it classic and I came in 3rd. And I beat 2 skaters, mind you most of the skaters did it in half the time it took me :-). My double-poling felt strong today and I very much enjoyed the race pushing myself. Went for another 6km or so cool down after. Jeff and John also had good race – they both did the 36km. Jeff double-poled the whole thing and John skated. We were all happy with our ski.

The only thing that tainted a great weekend was the drive up Saturday morning. When we got up, the Coquihalla HWY, which we have to take to get to Merritt, was actually closed, scheduled to re-open by 9AM. We left at 9:30AM with the hwy still closed. The “DriveBC” website now said the hwy was scheduled to re-open at 10AM. But we were already past Chilliwack when we found out at the gas station that the hwy had just re-opened. Puh! When we got to the start of the Coquihalla,  we had to stop. There was still a line up as far as we could see, cars in the left lane and trucks in the right lane. Lucky for us, after only a 5-10min wait we started moving again. Just the cars though. The Hwy people were only letting trucks through in small groups. The road was quite bad. Compact snow turned to ice and rained on – probably the most slick combo you can get – all the way to the summit. After the summit the road was in better shape and by the time we got to Merritt the sun was out. We had a nice afternoon ski at Overlander to check out the course. But since they had just been dumped on the previous night, not all the trails were groomed yet. We did sidewinder in deep powder!! It was almost hot in the sun, even though the car said -3C when we arrived around 2PM. No moose again.


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