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February 25, 2017

New P’ayak

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After a couple years of missing Sigge’s P’ayakentsut (P’ayak) at Callaghan, we finally went back this year. They have a new course which, for 30km course, no longer has the killer uphill right off the start and scary downhills coming down from the Olympic trails. It’s a bit more of a civilized course now. For the 50km they also took out How-it-goes and the Loon Lake Loop which is the steepest climb in the whole trail system and those poor guys had to do that twice. Instead, they added the biathlon trail instead which is more up and down but not as steep. I would have loved to do one lap of the 50km course, 25km, but that was not an option. So I did the 2x15km laps for the 30km loppet. On classic skis off course since I hardly spent any time on skates this season and skating is hard even if I do it more often. Crazy Jeff did the 50km classic while buddy John did 50km on skates. The weather was beautiful. -10C when we got there at 8:30AM but I think it warmed up to about -4C by 1pm. Snow was old but nice and dry. I used my grip tape and it worked quite well. There were quite a few people doing classic in my race and for the first lap I had people around me the whole time. The conditions were fast and I could do a lot of double poling and had better grip than most of the other people around me. I passed a couple racers and was going really well! But then the most stupid thing happened. Head down, double poling hard to stay ahead of the guy I just passed I missed a turn. RATS must have lost at least 5-10min by the time I made it back onto the real loppet course and all the people I was racing with were gone. My energy level went way down. It would have been a lazy ski to the finish if not for Jeff passing me for the 2nd time. That, and a cup of Gatorate at the next aid station, got my juices going again. Despite the extra kilometers and a much slower 2nd lap I finished in under 2hrs24min. That’s the fastest I have ever skied 30km! To put it into perspective though, most people finished the 50km before I finished the 30km :-). They started 20min ahead of the 30km group but had some extra kilometers early in the race. So there was a lot of passing going on both laps. Results can be found here. John almost beat my time, but hey, he skated. Jeff had a challenging day and he finished just a few minutes behind me.

There were 630 participants registered!!! 103 in the 50km, 183 in the 30km, 176 in the 15km, the rest were kids. Plus ~100 volunteers. WOP was busy that day! Great day for the race.

I also bought myself another set of classic skis. Rossignol skin skis – the latest and greatest for lazy classic skiers. Very versatile in a wide range of conditions, no waxing, great grip!!! And they were on sale for less than half price – demo skis. Can’t wait to take them up Blackwall Peak :-).


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