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April 23, 2017

That’s a wrap

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We finished up our ski season on Apr 15th – Jeff birthday – with one last trip to Manning. Forecast for Vancouver was heavy rain, for Manning it was mix of sun and clouds. When we arrived it was overcast but the sun was trying and I could see shadow from the trees on the trail in sections. Manning had just gotten another 2 inches of snow over night which had filled in the tracks. So the going was slow but it was nice. Excellent grip with my new skin skis. Near the end is started snowing again – big flakes. It was quite beautiful. Temperatures were around 0 to 2C but a bit of a wind kept it cool enough. Two laps up and down North and South Gibsons, 2hrs45min of skiing to wrap up the season. Unfortunately the pub was already closed for the season but we stopped in at Jeff’s parents for an excellent BBQ ribs dinner that evening. It turned out that Vancouver was quite sunny that day.

The weekend before, Apr 8, we went snowshoeing on Seymour rather than skiing. It was pouring rain in the city and it was heavy wet snow on top. We barely made it into the parking lot despite our winter tires. Burned the clutch quite a bit. The snowshoe trail was only marked till just a kilometer or so past Brockton Point. We continued on up the hill following some just barely visible snowshoe tracks. Visibility on the top was nil and we decided to turn around. I was getting pretty tired as well and wasn’t too sorry to head back – not in hiking shape obviously. The way back down was much quicker than I thought though and we added the detour around first lake to our hike. It was quite nice through some different type of terrain with more trees. Despite the weather conditions, there were quite a few more people up at Seymour for hiking than on the Howe Sound Crest trail a couple weeks earlier. I was surprised though how many did not have snowshoes. I guess nobody was expecting that much fresh snow in almost mid April. We had about 5cm accumulated on our car in the 2.5hrs we were gone for. Took a few back and forward shuffles to get out but we eventually made it.



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