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April 23, 2017

TNR+ racing is back

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Well, I probably am going to miss this week’s race but I did the first 3 of 2017. The season opener on Apr 4th was wet, freezing cold and very windy. I was so happy to be in my V10 Sport instead of the Legend. 50 “boats” were on the water despite the more than awful conditions. I am in no racing shape even though we have gotten a few kilometers in already in our surfskis – but all at below average all-day-pace. It worked on the first night since all I had to do was to stay up. Week 2 was nice and sunny, although still cold. Trying to race I just ended up in killing myself off the start and collapsing after 500m. Pretty sad. But the beer and food and good company afterwards makes up for all that. Last week was the Jug Island time trial. Not my most favourite race but I also got to pass many people. You are supposed to seed yourself from slowest to fastest. Took the fast guys a lot longer to catch up to me this time and none of the people starting just behind me managed to get by. Good for my ego :-). Below are some pics from week 1 – it was way worse than it looks!

For results and upcoming races, go here: http://www.deepcovekayak.com/races/

As mentioned above, we did have some kilometers under our belts at least. Apr 1st we started our weekly Indian Arm run past the power station – a 29.3km round trip when hugging the shoreline the whole way. For the first one on Apr 1, we had nice, calm although overcast conditions. We saw river otters twice, once on the way up, once on the way back. It took us 3hrs 25min in our singles (V10 Sport for me, Evo II for Jeff) and the sun came out when we loaded up the boats.

The day after, Apr 2nd, we got some good wave practice in. It was an intense paddle out of Jericho in our double surfski. Took 1hr to get out, less than 20min to get back. We caught some nice waves but some of those nice waves caught us, turning the double into a submarine. I felt like a periscope being up to my chest in the water. Takes a while to drain a fully flooded boat in those conditions but we managed to stay up. Nice sunshine, big ebb tide and 20-25knots wind out of the west against the current. Biggest conditions I can remember. I was sure glad to be in our double. We had to improvise the leashes. Even then, the turning around was pretty nerve wracking. Temperature with windchill was 5.2C! When we got back to the beach, shivering with cold and exhaustion, we ran into paddling friends Mike and Paul but they went kite surfing rather than paddling. Instead of the ice cream we would usually get at the Galley on a sunny day in April on the beach we got hot chocolate to try to get warm! But it took a Guinness and Fisherman’s Pie at the Cheshire Cheese Inn on Dunbar, our old stomping ground, to feel human again. No pictures from during the paddle, I would NOT let go of my paddle, only a few afterwards and a video mostly so you can hear the wind :-).

Apr 9 was another run up Indian Arm in singles. It was a bit breezy and bouncy but it took the same amount of time. Mostly overcast but not too much rain. As we turned to head back we could see black smoke in the distance. First we thought it might be the oil refinery across the inlet the smoke was so dark. But as we got closer we saw a couple houses in flames on the Belcarra side across from Deep Cove. Actually one was already burned to the ground. It must have been a really hot fire, even the trees next to the area caught fire and they had been soaked in heavy rain for days. Tough area to get fire fighters in as well.

On the Easter Friday run up the Arm we had company. Buddy John came with us which was good for Jeff. We had to fight our way up the arm against a strong headwind and I was bagged as we got past Buntzen Bay. Started to take the direct route from there to the turn around point and then B-lined back to Strathcona while the boys continued to hug the shore. Even though I hardly paddled, the wind and waves pushed me along at over 10km/hr. But my balance was shot since I was tired. Not the most fun paddle I have had.

Apr 16 had us take the double out again. The forecast for English Bay was relatively benign but there was some swell and some wind to try to catch some waves on the way back. Hard work though. We crossed from Jericho to the North shore on side chop, paddled up the coast to Eagle Harbour, crossed to Passage Island and circled around it before heading back in what was way less of a straight line than I had expected/hoped for. Unfortunately, we did not get to see the Orcas that had been spotted in Howe Sound on Easter Friday. No rain and barely warm enough but we finally had the after paddle Ice Cream at the Galley.


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