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August 7, 2017

BC Day – Training weekend

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As mentioned in the previous post, Jeff and I are trying to get ready for a 3 day stage race, 120km total, with a couple short portages each day. We decided to take the double surfski, even though it is heavier on the portages but it will be more versatile in varies conditions. The race is on Lake Revelstoke from Mica Dam to just before Revestoke and it could be flat calm or wind could funnel down the valley. We have been putting in a few long paddles each weekend since we are back from Newfoundland. Well, we did a few before that as well. But none of them were anywhere close to 40km in distance. Until this weekend.

Paddle #1 on Aug 5: With all this smoke, Indian Arm was one smoke filled fjord. And driving to the North Shore has been a bit of a slow drive lately, so much traffic. So we decided to not drive anywhere but walk the double down to the river and paddles up and down the North Arm of the Fraser. I had forgotten how far that is to go around the airport – 45km. Lucky for us we had current help us down and up the river and it “only” took 4hrs10min. Not the most scenic of a paddle and visibility was quite low but it’s something different to paddle on a runway, sharing the water with float planes and the Coast Guard’s hovercraft.

Paddle #2 on Aug 6: Still low vis. We took the singles that and met up with buddy John to paddle along Crescent Beach to White Rock. We launched at Stuart Farm on the Nicomekl. The tide was way out and we had to launch from the dock. Not used to that with the surfskis but no drama. Not much to see on that paddle either. We saw a few immature bald eagles a;long the river bank and could get surprisingly close. The bay was quite calm, just a little bit of light chop on the way out. With the low tide though we had to paddle way off shore. Almost crossed into the US :-). Again the paddle was longer than we thought. Got out of the boats a bit at White Rock to rest the bum. Everything else was fine. The way back was shorter as the tide had come up and we could paddle closer to shore. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is a lot of eel grass that likes to wrap itself to my rudder and slow me down. It also hosts a ton of tiny fish though and is vital as a nursery for a number of species. Hence, I did not complain. Just stopped, backed up, moved on to the next patch. Jeff did practice re-mount to get the stuff off his rudder. Another 29km and 3hr20min paddle. Good thing we had invited ourselves for dinner at Jeff’s parents :-).

Paddle #3 on Aug 7: Another smokey day. The last paddle this long weekend was not till the afternoon and I just took the K1 (Super Lancer) out for a couple laps around the lake, 9.9km, 67min. The lake is quite weedy and I was tired. Jeff did not want to paddle today as he had a sore elbow. Hence we went up Cypress instead. Jeff roller skied up. I drove up and hiked Mount Strachnan, a 2hr round trip, ~500m elevation gain. Haven’t done much hiking this year yet – other than in Newfoundland – and I could feel my legs turning to rubber crawling up the chute. I was quite surprised to still see quite a bit of snow along the trail. First blueberries were also ready. And lots of flowers. I pretty much had the trail to myself. Maybe it was the smoke that kept people away. or maybe our theory that the best weekend to stay in town is the BC long weekend since everyone else hits the road 🙂

And yes, one of these days I will post about Newfoundland and maybe even our spring fishing adventures. Have been quite a lazy blogger this year so far despite having so many cool things to talk about. Stay tuned.


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