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April 23, 2017


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Well, my back is in even worse shape then yesterday. So I’ll continue blogging rather than enjoying the sun that just started to shine into the window. Rats, at least it could be pouring rain as they promised!!!

I have been blogging about my hummingbirds for a while now but there are a lot of other birds around as well. Mainly around our neighbours feeder. It is great to wake up to their chatter in the morning :-). Our strata tried to ban bird feeders, other than hummingbird feeders, as apparently they attract rats. Well, they may but I have never seen one in our complex. I have seen squirrels, which love the seeds as well, raccoons and smelled skunk but never seen a rat. Jeff and I love hearing birds where w live and we voted against the ban. Apparently we weren’t the only ones and bird feeders are still allowed. Yeah!!! So here a few more pictures of our local birds. It’s not easy to get good shots as they never sit still, even less so than our hummers.

Our hummingbird feeder is busier than ever. We even had a few new ones join. Mrs and Mr Sunshine – a female and male Rufous. Rufous hummingbirds spent the winter in Mexico. Those two came a long way.

And not all hummers use the feeder – caught one sipping on our sappy tree. Now that I see hummingbirds feed on our tree I am less incline to get rid of it. It is a pain when it comes to our cars as it drops these sticky bits onto the truck all the time and they are hard to get off.

P1130277 (Medium)


At work, we also now have a local bird. A Sandhill Crane moved in about 3 weeks ago and has been hanging out ever since. He or maybe it is a she, who knows, isn’t shy of people at all. Someone must have feed it before. I hope nobody at work does. Some people are afraid of the bird because of his big beak. Some think he poops too much in front of the main entrance. Some think he is lost. I think he just found a good place with lots of bugs around and feels safe around people. He doesn’t like to be chased by their dogs mind you. It’s great to have a mascot around. Our¬†CEO thinks like me. Still, facilities is trying to get Wildlife Services to relocate them. But apparently they are too busy. I hope it stays that way. Below pictures are taken with the phone, so sorry for the even worse quality. I also took a video since the best way to locate him is by his pretty loud call.


Last but not least a couple river walk pictures:


February 9, 2017

Pick up

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Last night Jeff picked me up from work ūüôā

Today we were back to rain. I should have used a boat to get to work. The bike path along Kent was turned into Kent Canal. And all the snow is just starting to melt…

February 7, 2017

Snow can stay

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Well, most people almost had enough of the white stuff here in Vancouver. And I was close to thinking the same. Last Friday we broke a record for the most snow, 12cm, breaking the 1946 record of 10.7. Does not sound much, definitely not for anybody living in the rest of Canada, but for us softies it was/is.


My bike commute to/from work was even more treacherous yesterday than it was last Friday. Roads were quite icy in the AM and I had to use the sidewalk on and off. It was slow going and I had to walk for parts of it as the frozen snow was just too bumpy to ride on. It started snowing again mid morning and did not stop till later that evening. We got another 10cm or so. On the way home, the roads were even more icy and there was much more traffic still when I left than I am used to. No way I could ride on the roads and I ended up partially walking, partially riding my bike home on the sidewalk. In some areas the snow was too deep to ride on, while sections where people had walked on were fine. Turned a 20min commute into 40-45min. In a way it was nice though with all this fresh snow. But when I got home that evening I told Jeff that the snow better stays so that I can ski into work.

I always thought I may paddle into work one day since both home and work are within easy walking distance of the river but it’s a bit of a hassle to get out near work and where to store the boat. I never figured I would ski to work. Just joked about it whenever we saw some snow. Usually we don’t have snow stick around long enough but this winter is different. And when I woke up to -1C and a clear sky this morning I thought I turn my joke into reality. I put on my¬†crowns and started skiing right below our complex. So cool. The sun was coming up as I skied along the river trail. The snow was fluffy and nice to ski on. It was mostly striding since the snow was deep and not many people had walked through it yet. I even saw some other ski tracks further down the trail. It was so cool. Took longer than usual but was well¬†worth it. It was a gorgeous sunny day all day, of which I didn’t see much of while at work. I was afraid the sun would melt too much of the snow and make for a very icy or even mushy return trip. But it did not. More people had walked the trails and just compacted the snow down enough to have a nice solid surface and I could double pole most of the way home under the moon. Almost like groomed trails. I had even remembered to bring my headlamp :-). Now that I have figured out the best winter commute the snow can stay. There is one more dump in the forecast for tomorrow late afternoon. Bring it on!!!

October 1, 2016

Team Sports

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I used to do more team sport when I was young. I played Handball as a teenager and Volleyball throughout University and beyond. Always found it harder to stay in semi-competitive team sports here in Canada. Maybe I didn’t look in the right places. And if I found some, it seemed expensive. And then I fell in love with kayaking….

Anyhow, I never liked soccer – may sound weird being German – nor basketball – I was always kicked out for too much fouls! But then last year the company I work for came up with a 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament and off course I had to sign my team, Carlos and Alex and I, up for it. It was a double elimination tournament, 15 min or 15 points limits and we got eliminated in two games not making it to regulation time ever but at least scoring a total of 8 point in those two games. Well my fellow team members scored, I didn’t. But even though our performance was less¬†than mediocre, we had a lot of fun. We practiced quite a bit beforehand which did help somewhat. Great team building! Teams with a wide variety of skill levels signed up and¬†the games were mostly fun to watch. Some were a bit rough. No skill, no speed, but bulk and height, causing a couple casualties. And of cause the trash talk beforehand was fun. Now you would think the one time would have been enough for me to realize I really should not try to play Basketball but as this year’s tournament was announced again in early August, my team was the first one to sign up :-). It’s the team spirit that counts not the skill level. Mind you Carlos ditched us this year, he wanted to take pictures instead, so that opened up the opportunity to add someone with skill – Michael joint. Our goal for this year’s tourney was to get at least 10 point total in the two games we would be playing and maybe even make it through regulation time once. This year’s games were only 12min – achievable we thought. Unfortunately, our first game was against the biggest, strongest, tallest although not most skilled team and we lost. ¬†We only had speed on our side which was not enough. Program Management (us) against Product Management (our team mates) – a constant fun rivalry off and on the court! But we did not get destroyed. I think we got 8 points in that game and even got our opponents worried for a minute or two which really made me smile. There easily had 200lbs and 5″ on us. And I scored a basket!!! Our 2nd game was a bit more even in regards of size and speed but the other team had more skilled players. And¬†Michael was out for that game – traveling for business – and I had to find a sub. Found us a young, tall, athletic engineer, Logan, that had just started with us a couple¬†months before and he had helped me huge on one of my projects. He also had come out to our early practices a lot so I thought it was more than fair having him as sub. He wasn’t really a regular basketball player but had a lot more skill, height and speed than Alex and I. He scored 10 point for us that game. I shot one more basket (2pts) and Alex scored¬†3 foul point. You do the math – we WON!!! Nobody was more surprised than us :-). We lost the next game against a very skilled team, last year’s champions. But it was close and a lot of people were cheering for us. Even the other team. These guys were from the shipping team¬†and played the cleanest most fun to watch basketball of all the teams. They could have crushed us but made us¬†feel like were¬†in the game too. Awesome!¬†I was cheering for them for the rest of the tournament but unfortunately they did not win. To my “disappointment”, Product Management won :-).

We’ll be there again next year even though the 3rd picture below shows why I really should not play basketball :-).


August 25, 2011

Things that happen between weekends…

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Trying to catch up on all our weekend trips I never get to blog about things that happen during the week. Like…

    • seeing¬†a coyote on my¬†ride into work one¬†morning in June
    • scaring a skunk in our drive way when we returned from the lake one evening in July – luckily it wasn’t scared enough to spray the car
    • watching a racoon walk through our complex one Sunday morning – too fast for me to get the camera
    • experiencing a lot of nice sunrises in the spring and starting to enjoy the sunset now while riding to and from work – especially after a 12 hour day like today¬†ūüôā
    • many many more things I’ll liely never remember..

A few things warrant a few more words. Jacquie from Australia joined our kayak club for a few weeks. She was here visiting family and wanted to get some paddling in. Back home she does a lot of marathon races and needed to stay in race shape. Full of energy all the time we coaxed her into the war canoe one Wednesday evening. She was very reluctant first but quickly fell in love with the boat Рdespite the pain in the knee Рand became a regular. Unfortunately she had to get back to Australia in early August. I already miss her.

Last but not least, I never talk about my work. Some of my friends say you should not write about work¬†on a public blog but here are a few funny things I can’t resist to blog about. The rest is like any other work place anyhow – busy at time, fun at others!

April 25, 2010

May 2009: Lots of Racing and Finishing up at Kodak

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Most May weekends were taken up by kayak racing (see further below). And I didn’t have to be worried about not getting any work done. My last month at Kodak wrapping up. Two more projects had to be complete and I managed to finish the last one and presented it to the Core Team on May 26. All sudden life takes on a different meaning again when you don’t have to worry about how you get all those 5million things done at work, train for racing and try to eat and sleep inbetween. I am looking forward to taking some time off (well – if a job would come up I’ll take it) and train for the World Masters Games in Sydney Oct 2009.
And of course we went for beers again on our last day. Less people but more drunk as the pictures below show (Tim was taking the pictures).

Jeff & I




Racing (also check out the BCKC Blog http://burnabylake.com/blog/index.html and Jeff’s surfski blog, links below):

May 2nd: Whatcom Classics on Whatcom Lake in Bellingham WA, 20km – Double Surfski with Jeff (http://surfskibc.wordpress.com/2009/05/03/race-results-may-2-at-bellingham/).

Mid way

May 9th: Fort Langley Classics on Bedwell Channel/Fraser River – Flatwater Marathon in K1. A 20km course with one 100m portage after the first 8km and a tight turn in a little creek on lap 2. Also check out Jeff’s surfski blog for race reports and results/links http://surfskibc.wordpress.com/2009/05/12/race-results-may-9-at-fort-langley-and-may-10-at-deep-cove/

Racing down river – obviously
May 10th: Tour de Indian Arm in Deep Cove, 19km – Double Surfski with Jeff

Pulling of the beach before the race.

May 16th: Orca Challenge, Anacortes WA, 39km – Double Surfski with Jeff. The course goes around a couple Island in the San Juan Island Area. No orca sightings but one sealion. For a good race report, rsults and links check here: http://surfskibc.wordpress.com/2009/05/18/race-results-may-16-san-juan-orca-challenge/

May 24th: Jericho Classics, Vancouver BC, 10km – Double Surfski with Jodi. No pictures unfortunately but check out this link: http://surfskibc.wordpress.com/2009/05/25/race-results-may-24-at-jericho/

Race stats: Strong headwind on the way out – nice wave riding back

And Jeff and I did some R&R as well – walking around Burnaby Lake (usually our kayaking training spot) and watching the turtles, geese, ducks and beavers:



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