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August 30, 2015

Storm season started early

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A weekend of wind and rain. Way more wind than rain mind you. Saturday we had 90km/hr winds hammering the city for a few hours knocking down trees and throwing branches all over the place. Luckily none of the branches that hit the truck or car were big enough to cause damage. But we did not get away un-scarred. At 1PM on Saturday our power went out and did not come back on till after 6PM Sunday evening. We were not the only ones. Close to 05 million homes were without power in the Lower Mainland for at least some period of time. We were one of the last to get power back although some are still waiting.

Frightening how dependent we are on electricity when not camping. I was supposed to dry more food for a camping trip we are planning, wash clothes, etc. None of that has happened …. yet. Most of the food in the fridge/freezer though survived. Just a few ice cream bars were beyond recovery.

Pretty dull weekend exercise-wise – trying to let my body heal a bit before our trip (sore knee, sore hamstring, sore back, sore shoulder, sore head…). We went for a walk in the windstorm – bit silly looking at all the trees down – on Saturday when the power went out hoping it would be back on when we returned an hour and a half later. Well, that didn’t happen.

Tree down along the river trail

Tree down along the river trail

This morning I went for a little hike while Jeff did his roller ski workout. Cypress was in thick clouds and my knee still bothered me a lot. So the hike was pretty short but I discovered a new part of the Baden-Powell trail I had never done before through very pretty but misty old-growth forest.

I had planned to go for a paddle in the afternoon but even though the wind had calmed down a lot it was still a bit too gusty for me.


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